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Just be you (+1)
Who we are
BAE is a concept that arose from the intertwining of two separate lives, friendships and creative careers, and the collective mindset of the inspiring women that surround us. We endeavour to create an emotional impact through every piece and look to empower women with effortless self expression. At BAE, we dream up and design those special items that are missing from our own wardrobes, so that we can put them into yours. Not just a maternity label, BAE is a lifestyle.
What we do
BAE has built its own unique aesthetic through the inspired use of premium fabrics and innovative silhouettes. With a mix of both luxurious staples & statement pieces, we have created a collection that is perfect for any occasion & every casual moment in between. We design each garment to be an individual addition to your own personal style and aim to give you the confidence to wear it so that you can... Just be you (+1)
How we deliver
Each BAE item is made with the modern mum at the heart of our work. With an aim to achieve the perfect fit, we spend countless hours carefully crafting each piece with meticulous attention to quality, cut and comfort. We find inspiration everywhere and through thoughtful design and with a little experimentation thrown in, every detail is considered so that we achieve integrity and visual richness in each and every BAE garment.
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